DIR Fees and Medicare Enrollments Don’t End with AEP

Is your pharmacy only focused on Medicare during the Annual Enrollment Period? If so, you’re missing out on lowering DIR fees and increasing profitability year-round with Dual Eligible patients. Find out if you're prepared below.

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Year-round Open Enrollment? It's happening now.

Discover the benefits of year-round plan comparisons for Dual Eligibles:

  • How to find win-win opportunities for Dual Eligible patients and lower DIR fees all year
  • Easily identify Dual Eligible patients with 4 windows throughout the year to enroll or shop for new plans
  • Problems with adherence? Discover "Mitigation by Migration" and put patients on plans that don't monitor adherence

Don't wait for Open Enrollment to come around again; improve your pharmacy's bottom line and patient outcomes today. Get started below:

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Need Help Fighting DIR Fees?

During Open Enrollment or for Dual Eligibles all year, we've got the right tools. Amplicare provides actionable opportunities to improve your performance measures and keep your DIR fees low, allowing you to focus on what you do best - care for patients. Not DIR fees. Schedule a demo today and see how.

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“I was able to increase my bottom line over $200K by using Amplicare’s plan comparison tool. I make most of my hay after January 1st with Dual Eligibles."

— Bob Hinkle, Johnson's Pharmacy, Hazleton, PA
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