Medicare Dual Eligibility and Your Pharmacy Profitability

Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities to help your Medicare patients? Outside of the Annual Enrollment Period, dual eligible patients have multiple chances to switch plans during the year, giving you more opportunities to increase patient retention and pharmacy profitability. Find out how focusing on these patients year-round can strengthen both your patients’ and your financial health. 

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What’s Inside
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In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of dual eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid
  • Enrollment options for dually eligible beneficiaries
  • Opportunities for pharmacies
  • Best practices for engaging with dual eligible patients
  • How to identify win-win opportunities to lower DIR fees
Download the Guide
Increase Patient Retention Year-Round

Medicare enrollments don’t end with the Annual Enrollment Period. Schedule a consultation to learn how you can help your Medicare patients, lower DIR fees, and grow your business all year round.

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“One patient comes to mind, she was a dual eligible patient, and I helped her switch [to a plan with better coverage] and I made over $4,000 in that year on 1 patient. You talk about ROI, that's the ROI you get with Amplicare.”

— Bob Hinkle, Johnson’s Pharmacy, Hazelton, PA
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