Are DIR Fees Crushing Your Bottom Line?

You're not alone. DIR fees are now an inevitable part of running a pharmacy, totaling over $9 billion since 2013. When it comes to managing them, knowing what steps to take to identify and reduce their impact is key. Find out how to lower your DIR fees in our new guide below.

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What’s Inside

Learn how to increase profitability and reduce your DIR fees.

  • How are DIR fees calculated? How can they change? It's an unknown with a big impact for many pharmacists. We pull back the curtain in our new guide.
  • Think your Five Star pharmacy is immune from DIR fees? Think again.
  • Struggling to identify DIR fees? Many contracts don’t refer to DIRs explicitly, download the guide to learn what hidden terms are used instead.
  • See how to mitigate the effect of DIR fees, including: Prioritizing outliers, improving patient communication and addressing nutrient depletion.
  • Learn how you can proactively care for patients while addressing factors that reduce DIR fees.
Download the Guide
Need Help Fighting DIR Fees?

We've got the right tools. Amplicare provides actionable opportunities to improve your performance measures and keep your DIR fees low, allowing you to focus on what you do best - care for patients. Not DIR fees. Schedule a demo today and see how.

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“Patients love it. Last year we saved patients $250,000 to $300,000 by helping them compare Medicare Part D plans with Amplicare.”

— Steve Adkins, Healthpark Pharmacy, NC
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